‘Winning at the starting line’ is a hot topic among parents, they have however overseen the other crucial
elements or quality of their children’s development. Employing a suitable teaching method is key to
achieving an all-rounded development for children to ‘win at the finishing line’.

Education is not just about good grades, it is crucial for us to also pay attention to the physical and mental
development of children. Each child is born with the willingness to explore and learn, at ACE
Academy we utilise various methods to maintain such curiosity as we believe this is key to successful learning.

The development of children’s mental health is a prerequisite for their growth. In other words,
happiness in children leads to effective learning. I therefore examine closely with all teachers and learning
progress of each student, ensuring the psychological and behavioural aspects are taken care of.

Our aim is to provide a stress free yet effective learning environment for children, allowing them
to learn with smiles on their faces. We hope this culture can penetrate into today’s society,
allowing a happy childhood for all children.